Thursday, April 14, 2011


knpa ble gni ?  why ?
Q shyg dea ! but ?
wht He did ?
Ap Yg dbwt sgtsgt mykitkan Q !
dea say Q just kci menprsaan dea !
dea say Q sma mcm Ex dea !
skg Q rsa nk nges ..
But rmai owank here
Q just nges dlm aty !

I want ur to know !

LOVE IS ....

~Kind ~
~Not jealous much~
~Not boastful~
~Not proud~
~Not Rude~
~Not demanding of its own way~
~Not irritable~
~Not keeping record of wrong~
Not Rejoicing in injustice~
~Rejoicing whenever truth win out~
~Never giving up~
~Never losting faith~
~Enduring through every circumstance~

~hny really loving aby ~

i'm really cinta sma dea
shyg sma dea
saia tw ..saia tia pna kci
bukti cinta saia sma dea
Tpy tu bkn ertinya Q tia shyg dea
but .. Q tgh bfkir
mcm mna Q mw kci bukti sma Dea
yg Q cinta dea ..
dun't have any idea !
tpy Q sgtsgt nk kci bukti ..
spaya kw tw ,,Betapa shyg nya saia 
sama kw !
need kw ! cinta kw !
if kw dpt bca aty saia kn !
msty kw taw ! ap ad dlm aty
saia ne ! ..
hmm ..don't lh mcm mna Q mw kci dea
TulTul pcya saia saia ! 
saia Tia pna kci men prsaan dea !
saia shyg dea sgtsgt !
saia Tia pna snggup 
tia pna ad niat mw kci men
prsaan dea !
saia shyg dea ikhlas !